A collage all about me

This collage represents me and my interests, even my hobbies. I’ll be explaining each picture in this collage. So let me start with the book, I like reading, I only just started last year and ever since then it’s been something I truly enjoy doing whenever I have the time. My bookshelf isn’t big but I started somewhere. The journal is there because I also like writing, it’s not everyday that I do it but when I do, I go for a long while. I usually just write about interesting things I thought happened or just my actual thoughts, which can be a bit boring but it’s something to write about. I like to play video games, I have a PlayStation for that specific reason, I used to play a lot more often but I stopped due to school work. I will say that my favorite game right now is Spider-Man, it’s a cool gameplay. I have more but I haven’t gotten around to really finish them. Little Nightmares is one I’m really looking forward to finishing. My favorite show is The Office, it’s very disappointing how they took it off Netflix. I’ve been trying to find where to watch it again but I haven’t found anything. The current show I’m watching now is The Crown, I’ve never felt like I knew about the British Monarchy before and I still think I don’t but the show has taught me a little bit. I’m still yet to get to Diana’s season, I’ve heard it’s really interesting. My favorite sport is soccer, or it was. I used to really have love for the game but its died down now. I haven’t played in nearly two years and I’m in bad shape for it, though I will be trying out for it just to get myself back into shape. We’ll see how that goes. My favorite band at the moment is one called Vacations, bit of a unique name for a band but they’re actually quite good, well in my opinion. I can’t say I’m a big fan because to be truthful I don’t know any of their names but I do know their song names if that’s any better. I have the Reebok logo up there, not because it’s my favorite brand, but because I have a lot of their brand. It’s comfortable and pretty cheap. Sometimes. I really like their shoes. Nike as well, it’s not my favorite brand but their clothes can be alright, along with their shoes and soccer shoes (cleats). I like dogs, I’m allergic to cats which is sad because they’re cute creatures but it is what it is. I also have a dog which is the reason I have a picture of one up there. I don’t know his breed, which is even more sad. I’ll figure it out someday. I forgot to mention that I’ve been wanting to get The Last of Us for PlayStation, I’ve watched tons of videos about it and I can gladly say it’s caught my eye. Finally, the Mexican flag, I go to Mexico a lot which is fun , so I just put it up there.

Action Sharp

Focal length: 30.00mm Exposure: 1/160sec; f/29, ISO 800

I think the shutter speed for this picture was extremely fast, I’d like to think it was about 1/8th of a second. The focal length could maybe be a long lens, so maybe a f5,6.

I think the shutter speed for this would maybe be a 1/30th of a second and the focal length would maybe be a a wide lens, f4

Focal length: 29.00mm Exposure: 1/100sec; f/25, ISO 800

Motion blur

Focal length:32.00mm, Exposure: 1/4sec f/29; ISO 400

Focal length:32.00mm, Exposure: 1/4sec f/29; ISO 400

I think the lens was a wide and an open one, perhaps a f2.

I think a long lens was used, and the shutter speed was perhaps at like a 1/4 of a second

File Formats

JPEG is format that you can’t edit your photos, its used for personal use, social media, albums and small prints, they’re not used for large prints.

TIFF is a format that can be used to edit your pictures at high quality but takes up a lot of storage and also takes a long time to upload due to the size of the file.

RAW is a format that is your best option if you want a really good quality file from your camera but it requires many memory cards. You also need some knowledge on this file format.

DNG is a format that is an option you want to choose if you want to keep pictures for a very long time, with RAW format, you cannot access your pictures because of the very specific manufacture it was built for.

PNG is a format was designed in the 90s as an improvement on the GIF file format, it doesn’t make big file sizes which means it uploads a lot quicker, but the quality isn’t good enough to print the photo in any size.

GIF is a format that you can make an animation on but only containing a maximum of 256 colors making it not so good of an option for photos but rather for images with a limited palette.

BMP is a format that is a high quality digital file, which is good for print but not for the web but it’s a large file which also means needing more storage.

PSD is a format that gives you the ability to manipulate any image extensively on separate layers and once the image is ready you can re-save it as another file format but once all the layers are merged you cannot undo anything on it.

Depth of Field

Focal length: 51.00mm, Exposure: 1/600sec; f/5.6; ISO 800

Focal length: 51.00mm, Exposure: 1/600sec; f/5.6; ISO 800

I think this is a shallow picture because the back is blurred, focusing on just the front. I think they used a wide lens to capture everything.

I think this is also a shallow picture because the back is blurred and they’re also using a long lens.


This picture represents surrealism because something like that would ever happen. You’ll never see a big dragon with a big ship floating in mid air with water falling off the sides. That’s very fictional. It’s very cool how the picture was designed, if you look closely it is actually very detailed and has more things to it than just a dragon and a ship. The color of it was perfectly put for the theme of it. Very terrifying and fearful.


Model. canon, F21.00, Exposure:1/50sec ISO400

Model. canon, F21.00, Exposure:1/50sec ISO400

Model. canon, F21.00, Exposure:1/50sec ISO400

Model. canon, F21.00, Exposure:1/50sec ISO400

I like this picture because it really shows you an angle from the bottom. It gives you a persons point of view looking up at it. Also the fact that it’s black and white. It doesn’t show us what kind of weather it is or what the tone for the picture is. It gives us a form of length in the tower. Like how tall it really is and how curved it is. It doesn’t just capture straight lines, it captures diagonal and curved lines. We don’t see the exact top of the tower because we didn’t get a birds eye view. We also don’t get the sides or the back, we only get the front and upside. I feel like the black and white really show us a mystery of some type.

Shadow and Light

I like this picture because it’s in black and white and it shows that she’s posing for the picture. It has lines but they’re not all straight. It might’ve been shadowed by straight lines but there are curves on her face. As well as on her hands and arms. I feel like this picture is complex. In a way, the picture is mysterious. We don’t really know what she’s doing besides touching her face. We don’t know if she’s nude, if she has her hair up or if she’s bald. I feel like there are a lot of possibilities as to what this picture could mean. I like its complications.

Model: Canon EOS Rebel, Focal length:34.00mm, Exposure:1/500sec, ISO:400

Model: Canon EOS Rebel, Focal length:34.00mm, Exposure:1/500sec, ISO:400